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My Arborist! offers the following services:
  Often a homeowner or property manager desires input on a declining tree, assessing a the structural stability of a tree, or desiring a professional opinion on which tree species to preserve on a planned construction project. Regardless of the need, My Arborist! is glad to assist when it comes to trees.
    Tree Surveys
Projects are a part of life. And some projects either have a personal meaning to you, or it is just the nature of your business. Because trees play an important role to the environment, some cities require a Tree Survey/Inventory to be submitted with certain projects. If you need assistance with having one done for a planned project you have, I will be glad to help you with with one.
    Tree Planting
Second to removing trees as a last option, I feel that planting is the best way a person can contribute to a better atmosphere. Like many projects, tree planting can seem a DIY type of task. However, there is more to it than shoving dirt out of the ground. Proper tree planting is essential for the success of a valued investment in a tree. Although much detail is required when it comes to planting, My Arborist! will be happy to help in placing "the right tree in the right place".
  Tree Pruning
  At times it is necessary to prune for legitimate reasons such as: pruning to raise the crown over a street, a driveway, or over a neighbor's property. Parasites or diseases that infect certain tree species also require to be pruned off to control infection and to help prevent from spreading. Or an insurance company might require a policyholder to meet certain specs to be insured. 
  Tree Removal
  Removing a tree is the last option I will give a customer, especially if it has matured. But understandably, sometimes it is required to prevent personal injury or property damage. Regardless of where the tree is located, we can evaluate it to see what is required to complete the task.
  Tree Treatment
Like all other living organisms, there are a variety of issues that can arise with trees. For example, trees can be affected by diseases and insects. Although these are generally secondary problems, it is important to have an evaluation of your trees for potential existence of these contributors. If left unchecked and the disease or insect is deadly, this could be devasting to one's landscape and even neighbors' properties. Please research what potential problems can arise with the type of tree/s you have so you can familiarize your self with the effects that certain diseases and insects cause. You can also reach out to me if you would like an in person consultation.
  Tree Cabling and Bracing
  In some scenarios, removing a tree is not an option, even when it poses a risk to personnel or property. Perhaps because of the history or significance of it, a customer might select cabling or bracing a tree to reduce the level of risk posed.
  Stump Grinding
  Stumps can be hard to get rid of. Maybe you can testify to this after trying to pull one out of the ground, or by trying to wait for a hundred years for your stump to somehow disappear after drilling holes, etc. I don't remove stumps out of the ground, but I can grind them below ground level so you can apply dirt or maybe sod over it. Whatever you do, it will likely be better than having a stump in your yard that you or your beloved pet can run into.


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